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At Floors at Home we can install almost any kind of carpet including loop pile, velvet pile and twist pile. Each variety of carpet has different properties and the right one for you will all depend on your budget, your needs and where you want to install the carpet.

The 'pile' is the part of the carpet you stand on, and its quality is judged by the its weight, or the amount of yarn used to make the carpet. Broadly speaking, the more pile in a carpet, the more you wear you will get out of it. 


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Here are some of the most popular pile carpets that we regularly fit in homes.


Twist pile carpet in East Grinstead

Twist Pile   

This carpeting is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. It is available in both plain and heather colours. Twist pile is very durable and is far less likely to show footprints and vacuum marks. It is both stylish and practical and an excellent choice for living rooms, hallways and areas with lots of foot traffic.

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Velvet Carpets in East Grinstead

Velvet Pile   

Velvet yarns are straighter than twisted yarns and have cut ends for a soft, luxurious surface. Velvet pile, like twist pile is also hard-wearing but offers a much more elegant appearance, and is suitable if you are going for a luxury finish. The thickness of the carpet makes it an excellent choice if comfort is important to you, making it great for bedrooms.

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Loop Pile Carpets in East Grinstead

Loop Pile    

Loop pile imitates the appearance of natural flooring by incorporating yarn that has form loops on the surface of the carpet. Attractive and stylish, loop pile carpeting has an exceptional product life and is suitable for family homes because of the ease of maintenance. Loop pile is available in a range of colours, patterns and finishes to suit all types of modern and traditional homes.

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Saxony Pile Carpets in East Grinstead

Saxony Pile   

Saxony carpets are available in both wool and man-made fibres and have extra long pile for a real luxury feel. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, however the long pile means they will flatten after prolonged use so they are rarely installed in living rooms and offices. Saxony carpeting provides exceptional comfort and also helps you maintain the warmth in your home.

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Survey and Samples

We'll visit your property, show you carpet samples from our collection and advise you on the best carpeting for your needs and your budget. 


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Carpet Supply and Fit in East Grinstead

Supply and Fit

If you're happy to go ahead, book in a time and day, and our fitters will visit your property to complete install your carpet.

Carpet Aftercare in East Grinstead

After Care

We'll make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the fitting. In the rare case, there are any problems after we leave, we will respond quickly to find the solution.




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